Studio Märka  is a design duo  consisting of Klara Lindqvist and Philippa Stenmarke based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We are exploring the relationship between the human and the more- than- human by intervening in consisting framework, investigating how artistic work can be used as a means to deal with the human in transformation with the world. The projects are formulated in a process based manner to allow new ways of evolving with design as a director for re-thinking the world and its inhabitants. As practitioners we work in transdisciplinary ways to find the medium best suited for the project rather than focusing on the nature of the outcome. In our process we use methods such as choreography, ways of listening, conversation, cultivation and repetition. Through our work, we aim for an inclusive approach to design as well as to create new possibilities for collective learning and broadening the perspectives of a future world to come.

instagram: designstudiomarka
Podcast (spotify): märka podden